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Ability Bathe | January 12, 2023

How Much Is A Walk-in Bathtub?: A Comprehensive Guide

How Much Is A Walk-in Bathtub?: A Comprehensive Guide

Getting in and out of your walk-in bath has never been more convenient! 

However, does the cost of a walk-in bath outweigh the convenience compared to a normal bath? 

Comfort, sleek design and accessibility are standard features of walk-in, easy access baths. There are a range of walk-in styles available. 

It’s even possible to install a walk-in shower bath. Walk-in shower baths have a shower head installed on the wall above one of the bathtub ends.

However, not all easy access walk-in bathtubs are designed in the same way or have the same range of walk-in features. 

The price of a walk-in bath in the UK can vary based on a number of variables. 

In this blog, we’ll look at the cost of a walk-in bath in the UK to ensure peace of mind as you look for the most suitable bathing solution.

Variables and price differences

In most cases, easy access walk-in bath prices are not fixed.

This prompts prospective customers to request a quote on the type of easy access walk-in bath most suited to their requirements and budget.


The more features built into the walk-in bath, the higher the expense. 

This is due to the cost of numerous materials, labour and technology needed to install selected specifications. 

Some features include:

  • Waterjet therapy options
  • Easy access
  • Powered seat
  • Inward opening door
  • Powered baths
  • More pressure options
  • Different designs and styles
  • Additional safety features such as handrails


The size of an easy access walk-in bath can typically vary between 50 – 115cm in length and 30 – 40cm in width. Naturally the full length walk-in bath will depend on your bathroom space. Easy access baths will be chosen based on your space, style and preference.

Should you require a smaller or larger walk-in bath, the price can be adjusted accordingly.

Additional renovations

The possibility of your bathroom being too small poses a risk to your budget. 

If your bathroom space is not suitable, it is possible that your bathroom will undergo further renovations to accommodate the walk-in bath. 

Easy access baths come in a range of sizes. In the case of a smaller bathroom, consider opting for a compact bathtub. This will also assist with saving money on water bills as it reduces water wastage. 

The walk-in bath in an accessible bathroom will often be smaller than the previous traditional bath. The existing bath’s size can be considered when determining the style of the new easy access bath.

Based on the aforementioned points, only an estimated price of walk-in baths can be considered. 

This means walk-in baths can vary substantially, costing anywhere from £500 – £6000 depending on additional features.

A walk-in bath vs. a walk-in shower

Walk-in showers have many benefits to consider. 

Walk-in shower prices can range from £500 – £5000, so both the bath and the easy access shower fare similarly to the cost of walk-in baths in this department. 

It is important to consider the possibility of walk-in showers varying in price, based on similar factors to a walk-in bath.

Why choose a walk-in bath?

Alongside the cost, there are many other factors to consider when choosing to invest in a new walk-in bathtub to replace a standard bath. 

There will naturally be a range of walk-in options, but there are some core benefits to an easy access bath.

So, how do walk-in baths work? Here are 4 benefits of installing a new walk-in bath:

  • It is useful for the elderly or people with limited mobility who live at home. Little to no assistance may be needed to use the walk-in bathtub for peace of mind
  • A full range of security measures such as handrails and anti-slip surfaces may be implemented during the installation process to avoid accidents
  • Submerging your body in a tub of warm water for a relaxing soak may assist with blood circulation and enhance feelings of relaxation
  • Walk-in bathtubs usually include a seat that can recline. This is suitable for individuals who may not be able to stand for long periods of time
  • Potential benefits for those with a disability or chronic illness

There is a wide range of options if you need help getting in and out of a bath, not just a walk-in bathtub.

Summary: how much does a walk-in bath cost?

If you are looking to install a walk-in tub in your bathroom, the cost of a walk-in bath is perhaps the most important factor you must take into consideration after your health requirements.

We hope you found this guide useful – there are plenty more on our blog. Recently we’ve shared our top 10 hotel style bathroom ideas for your home and an explainer on how to change bathroom lights.

So, now you have the answer to ‘How much are walk-in baths?’ We’ve also previously written about the cost of a whole new bathroom.

If you’re interested in a walk-in bath or refurbishing your current bathroom, our prices start at just £3,000!

Speaking with bathroom specialists like Ability Bathe ensures that a professional installation is carried out for your peace of mind.

If you have any questions feel free to get in touch with us today!


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