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Ability Bathe | November 1, 2022

How Much Does A New Bathroom Cost?

How Much Does A New Bathroom Cost?

In the market for a new bathroom suite but wondering how much it will cost? If so, this article is for you.

The cost of a new bathroom can vary substantially and depends on different factors and design elements.

The type of bathroom fitters, fixtures and materials you choose will also influence your bathroom cost.

But bear in mind that a new bathroom can also add value to your home – 6% according to research from Nationwide.

Budgeting for your dream bathroom

Before you can start the bathroom design process, you will need to budget for your bathroom renovation project.

While the cost of bathroom design and installation can be expensive, at Ability Bathe our prices start at just £3,000.

Read on to find out more about the cost of a new bathroom renovation.

The main factors determining the cost of a new bathroom

When figuring out how much a new bathroom renovation will cost, there are key factors to take into consideration. 

Some of these factors include:

  • Design costs
  • Removal and installation costs
  • Size of the bathroom
  • The materials you want to use
  • The fixtures you want to include
  • Labour

It is beneficial to get quotes for each of these bathroom prices before starting the bathroom installation, so you can see where to save money.

The cost of a new bathroom design

Bathroom suite design costs depend largely on who you choose to do your new bathroom. 

Some bigger brands may include the design fees in the bathroom installation costs, while others charge separately. 

Alternatively, you can hire an independent designer to create a bathroom suite that’s fully tailored to your vision. 

It can cost around £2,500 – as a rough average cost – just to have detailed plans drawn up that builders can use to create your new bathroom.

At Ability Bathe we offer custom bathroom designs that cater to your specific needs.

Old bathroom removal cost range

Bathroom removal costs depend on how much you want to change about your old bathroom.

The average cost of labour for removing old bathroom fitters and fixtures can range from around £600 to £2,400.

Cost of a new bathroom installation

The overall cost of a new bathroom installation will depend on how long the job takes and how many people will be working on it. 

Typical bathroom installation costs start from as little as around £800 but can also reach £3,000 or more.

How much does a new toilet cost?

The new toilet cost may be as little as £50 and you can expect to pay between £100 and £150 to have one professionally installed. 

You may need to pay more if the new toilet has a different size from its predecessor in your old bathroom.

How much does it cost to install a new sink?

You can expect to pay between £200 and £500 to have a new bathroom sink installed. 

If your new sink is a different size to the original one in your old bathroom or if the pipework needs alteration, you will need to factor in those extra costs.

How much does a new shower or bath cost?

This is very dependent on whether you’re wanting a standard or luxury bathroom

A standard bath cost can be as little as £100, while more elaborate and luxurious baths are significantly more expensive. 

Those looking for more modern bathrooms can learn more about the cost of a walk-in bathtub.  

The cost of installing a new shower also depends on the type of shower. For example:

  • An electric shower cost is around £400 – £800 for installation
  • A standard shower cost is £250 – £400 for installation

You will also pay more for an accessible bath, shower or wet room. Read here to find out how much a wet room costs. 

The type of shower head and shower enclosure installation you’re wanting will also impact the bathroom installation costs.

If you’re torn between installing a new shower or bath, you can read more about the cost of a shower.

Size of the bathroom suite

The size of your old bathroom suite is a major factor in how much a new bathroom costs. 

A small suite will naturally cost less than a medium sized bathroom or a large one, and price typically changes per square metre. Here is our guide to small bathroom layouts.

The bigger your bathroom suite is, the more labour, materials and fittings it will require.

Cost of materials for a new bathroom

When you’re thinking about your new bathroom suite, you need to consider what new bathroom fittings you want.

The type of materials used for a bathroom renovation can vary greatly, both in quality and in price. 

There are also huge variations for the showers, toilets, tiles, sinks, towel rails and bathroom taps cost range.

Other elements of your new bathroom that can impact your bathroom cost may include:

  • A new vanity unit
  • A new bathroom cabinet
  • A heated towel rail
  • A modern shower tray
  • An extractor fan

Retiling a bathroom can be costly depending on the quality and style of materials you opt for. For example:

  • The average price of floor tiles: £50 per square metre
  • The average price of vinyl flooring: £20 per square metre

While vinyl flooring may not be the best quality option, it is much cheaper and can still look aesthetic.

How much does it cost to have a bathroom retiled?

The price of bathroom tiles can vary greatly, depending on quality and whether you’ll be retiling the entire bathroom or just a section.

Some tradespeople can supply your bathroom tiles themselves before they install them, which can help you cut costs. 

It’s a wise move to buy approximately 10% more bathroom tiles than you need in case any are broken during the process. 

The average cost of floor tiles is around £50 per square metre of tiling. Check out our guide on how to tile a bathroom.

How much will I pay for underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating has become incredibly popular over recent years. Here is our full guide on underfloor bathroom heating.

The two major types of underfloor heating available to you are:

  • Wet underfloor heating
  • Dry underfloor heating

Wet underfloor heating acts in a similar manner to a radiator or heated towel rails and sees water being pumped through water pipes underneath your floor.

Dry systems are based around wires and heat mats that are also installed under the floor. 

As wet systems are more complex to install, you can expect to pay more for this type of bathroom installation. 

It typically costs approximately £100 for each square metre of heating you require.

Bathroom fitting labour costs

Once you have decided upon all of the fittings and fixtures for your renovated bathroom, you can begin the installation.

Labour costs depend on how much work needs to be done, how long it will take and the complexity of the renovation. 

Fitters can charge anything from £150 to £250 for a day’s work. 

You will obviously pay more per day if there are multiple tradespeople working on the job, but this can mean the job takes much less time.

How to save money while doing a bathroom renovation

There are several steps you can take to try to reduce your bathroom installation costs. 

These include:

  • Opting for basic fixtures and fittings
  • Looking for special offers and deals
  • Getting and comparing quotes from a range of reputable fitters

You can also save on costs by choosing more affordable materials and fixtures where applicable.

When your new parts are delivered, store them somewhere safe to reduce the chances of anything breaking. 

Maintenance is also crucial, as replacement can be very expensive and lengthen the installation process.

How long does it take to have a new bathroom installed?

Again, things can vary considerably when it comes to bathroom installation times. 

Factors that can influence how long it takes to install a bathroom can include the number of people working on your project, how big the job is and how much work needs to be done. 

In most cases, it takes between five to ten days to get a bathroom installation completed. 

You can expect the work to take longer if big changes to your pipes and plumbing need to be made. The work will also take longer if you have large tiling requirements.

Summary: how much does a new bathroom cost in the UK?

Now you know how much a new bathroom costs here in the UK, you’ll hopefully be ready to take the next step and start bringing your vision to life.

If you’re interested in a new bathroom or refurbishing your current bathroom our prices start at just £3,000.

Speaking with bathroom specialists like Ability Bathe ensures that a professional design and installation is carried out.

If you have any questions about bathroom costs, feel free to get in touch with Ability Bathe Bathrooms today!


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