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Ability Bathe | March 31, 2023

Stairlift Grants For The Elderly: All You Need To Know

Stairlift Grants For The Elderly: All You Need To Know

Looking for stairlift grants but not sure where to start your research? In this article, we provide a simple summary of the main options.

There’s a lot of information available both online and offline, so it can be confusing trying to discover the different routes to mobility funding for the elderly.

Stairlifts are the perfect solution if you’re struggling to climb the stairs. Different models include straight, curved, slimline and even outdoor versions.

Financial support is available from the UK government, but there’s also a range of other sources to consider when applying for stairlift grants.

Here’s what you need to know:

Stairlift government assistance

The government provides a key source for stairlift grants, plus financial support for other changes to your home, if you’re disabled or have “age-related needs”.

These resources are called Disabled Facilities Grants. This resource isn’t just for stairlift grants, it’s for other accessibility-related facilities in your home. 

For example, the government suggests a “level access shower” or “grab rails” that you may need in a disability-friendly bathroom.

If eligible, you can apply for up to:

The grants are means-tested, usually depending on your household savings over £6,000 and income.

The money is either paid in instalments, or in full on completion. You need to show that you intend to live in the property that requires changes for the foreseeable future (often, five years or more).

How to claim for a stairlift grant

Disabled Facilities Grants are provided at a local government level, so you apply for them via your council.

The council must review your application and reach a decision within six months.

For further information about applying, you can also visit the website of the National Body for Disabled Facilities Grants and Home Improvement Agencies.

Called Foundations, it’s funded by the Department for Levelling Up, Housing & Communities. Most of their support is provided free of charge.

Other stairlift grants in the UK

Other options are available and we’ve compiled a list with some of these below. Some grants are intended for specific demographics or circumstances, so each organisation has their own eligibility criteria.

Others give directly to charities rather than individuals, so you would need a referrer to apply on your behalf. The grant values listed below are mentioned on their websites and may not be specific to stairlift funding:

The grants search section on the Turn2Us website highlights any other options that may be open to you.

More support beyond grants for stairlifts

Aside from stairlift grants, further financial support is available in the form of VAT relief.

VAT relief means that you would pay 0% of the tax included in the price of a stairlift.

If eligible, you need to make your stairlift provider aware of this at the beginning, then they can make the necessary arrangements to exclude VAT from invoices.

To qualify, HMRC stipulates that applicants must be “chronically sick or disabled” so it excludes “an elderly person who is not disabled”.

However, for the over 60s, it’s also possible to apply for a low 5% VAT rate on stairlifts. This provision is for mobility aids and again, it includes facilities such as grab rails, shower seats, walk-in baths and so on.

Summary: Stairlift grants for the elderly

We hope this guide has helped you learn about the wide range of options available for stairlift grants.

If you have a disability, take a look at the government website links provided above – these are the best starting points.

However, other potential stairlift grants for the elderly are out there and you could also apply for a lower rate of VAT on the purchase price.

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