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Ability Bathe | February 14, 2023

Wet Rooms: What Is A Wet Room And How To Properly Clean The Floor

Wet Rooms: What Is A Wet Room And How To Properly Clean The Floor

Are you unsure of how to properly clean a wet room floor?

If you or someone you know would benefit from a wet room, or are wondering how to clean them, read on.

What is a wet room?

While a traditional bathroom has separate showering/bathing and toilet areas, a wet room does not. 

Wet rooms are designed in a way which allows for the entire space to be used as a bathing area. 

It’s an unenclosed single space that has no shower screens or doors. 

The shower enclosure is also completely waterproof, with a sloping floor to ensure that excess water drains properly.

It’s an aesthetic and accessible alternative to the traditional bathroom, and can be beneficial for many reasons.

Benefits of a wet room

It has been found that renovating your bathroom can potentially add between 4-5% to the value of your home. 

Just as open-plan living has gained popularity, so have wet rooms.

Not only is a it super stylish, but it is also functional. Some benefits of wet rooms include:

  • Accessibility
  • Appearance
  • Value
  • Easy cleaning
  • Spaciousness

Whether it’s style, convenience or accessibility you’re after, we can custom design your wet room to your needs. If this is not completely to your taste, there are various benefits of a walk-in shower which might suit you.

Accessibility of wet rooms

In 2020, the National Accident Helpline estimated that 26% of all injuries happened in the bathroom.

People with mobility issues often struggle getting in and out of a bath or standard shower alone. 

Wet rooms are far easier to use, as the showering area is much more open. 

Not only does installing a one provide easy access, but you can choose to incorporate various safety additions.  

Some additional features/safety fixtures include:

  • Underfloor heating
  • Extractor fan
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Rails
  • Shower seating
  • Energy efficient fittings

How to properly clean a wet room floor

One of your main concerns about getting one installed may be the cleaning process. 

While a normal bathroom has various areas to be cleaned, a wet room has only one.

Cleaning steps:

To ensure yours stay clean and safe, you must do regular cleaning. Here are the steps:

  1. Cleaning the shower enclosure: regularly clean the wall tiles of your wet room to avoid bacteria and dirt build up. You can do this with warm water, the correct cleaning products and a microfibre cloth.
  2. Clean the shower drain: to avoid drain blockages, it is important to get rid of any debris that has accumulated in your shower tray. Using a bucket and mop with floor cleaner, mop in small circles until your floor tiles are clean.
  3. Dry the wet room floor: use a dry cloth to get rid of any excess water or soap from your bathroom to help maintain your shower rooms.


Wet rooms are a stylish, functional and accessible alternative to the standard shower or bath. 

There are various factors that will influence the cost of a wet room. At Ability Bathe, our bathroom installation prices start at just £3,000.

We can modernise any en suite or bathroom to suit your needs. 

If you’re considering installing a bathroom for yourself get in touch with bathroom specialists like Ability Bathe today!


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