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Ability Bathe | March 27, 2024

How Much Value Does A New Bathroom Add To Your Home?

How Much Value Does A New Bathroom Add To Your Home?

As experienced bathroom fitters, one of the most frequent questions we hear is… How much value does a new bathroom add to a home in the UK?

Of course, there are many great reasons to renovate an existing bathroom or build a new one.

You might want to replace some outdated features or make its energy usage more efficient, for example. Perhaps you need a bathroom that’s more accessible or family-friendly.

If your heart is simply set on the stylish bathroom of your dreams, that’s fine too! But an important knock-on benefit of new bathroom installations is the additional value it could add to your home.

So – does a new bathroom add value to the market price of your home and if so, how much?

How much does a new bathroom add to house value (UK)?

According to research from Schofields Insurance, here are the renovations that tend to increase home valuations the most – based on a £250,000 home with three bedrooms:

  • Loft conversion: +£40,000 in value (+16%)
  • Double storey extension: +£37,500 in value (+15%)
  • Single storey extension: +£27,500 in value (+11%)
  • Kitchen remodelling: +£25,000 in value (+10%)
  • Conservatory: +£22,500 in value (+9%)
  • Eco-friendly upgrades: +£20,000 in value (+8%)
  • Garage: +£17,500 in value (+7%)
  • Smart home technology: +£15,000 in value (+6%)
  • Bathroom remodel: +£10,000 in value (+4%)
  • Landscaping: +£7,500 in value (+3%)
  • Decorating: +£7,500 in value (+3%)

However, another factor to consider is your return on investment (ROI), because some renovations are more expensive than others. Schofields Insurance estimates the average cost of a loft conversion to be £35,000, so in this example, your ROI would only be +14%.

Here is the list again, but this time, ordered by the potential ROI using average costs for the renovation works:

  • Bathroom remodelling: +67% ROI
  • Kitchen remodel: +67% ROI
  • Smart home technology: +50% ROI
  • Landscaping: +50% ROI
  • Eco-friendly improvements: +43%
  • Single garage: +35%
  • Conservatory: +25%
  • Loft conversion: +14%

It stands to reason that the most valuable home additions are loft conversions and storey extensions – you’re significantly increasing the size of your property!

But as the second list shows, these don’t necessarily provide the best ROI – a new and improved house bathroom or kitchen are the clear winners there.

A bathroom remodel tends to cost less than renovating your kitchen though. And here at Ability Bathe, If you’re interested in a new bathroom design or installation, our prices start at just £3,000.

Home improvements that do not add value (UK)

Continuing with the above dataset, while technically each renovation adds at least some value to your home, a couple could provide a negative return on investment.

A single storey extension provides a ROI of -8%, however it also adds 11% in value, balancing the equation out to some extent.

And decorating, in terms of flooring or painting the house, has a ROI of -6%, but only adds 3% in value.

That’s likely because decorating is subjective and a potential next buyer of your home may not see the same value-add as you do. But remember, these are average percentages – of course, sometimes, outstanding decorating work is rewarded with a higher home valuation.

So, how much value does a bathroom add? (UK)

The data above suggests that a new bathroom adds about 4% to the value of your home – and crucially, 67% ROI.

Other reports support this evidence too. For example, a new bathroom could add 5% in value to your home according to The Property Centre.

In fact, Nationwide goes one step further, making the case for a bathroom adding 6% in value to a property!

To summarise, research shows that a new home bathroom adds somewhere between 4% and 6% in value.

Final thoughts: How much does a new bathroom add to house value (UK)

To increase the chances of your shower room or ensuite remodel adding value to the property, it’s a good idea to keep up to date with the latest bathroom trends. An old fashioned bathroom, unless it fits in with a home that’s highly traditional by design, is less likely to increase the market price.

We are specialists in wet rooms and walk-in showers for Devon and far beyond. Ability Bathe’s team are experienced bathroom designers for Devon, Cornwall, Bristol and many other locations.

Find out about the cost of a walk-in shower and the cost of a walk-in bathtub are in these guides, to start thinking about the value they could add to your home. Previously we’ve also covered how much a wet room costs.

We have more than 35 years of experience and our bathrooms come with a 10-year guarantee – please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

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