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Ability Bathe | February 15, 2024

Family Bathroom Ideas And Design Tips

Family Bathroom Ideas And Design Tips

We have plenty of family bathroom ideas to share when you’re looking to design a space that works for everyone.

Plan ahead and ensure that as your family needs change, the main bathroom is ready for every eventuality.

The average household in the UK has 2.4 people, based on the most recent Census, so your family bathroom needs to be suitable for different people to use, both young and old.

That influences everything from accessibility considerations (in 2020, the National Accident Helpline estimated that 26% of injuries happened in bathrooms) to the colour scheme. Do you want to create something bright, bold, traditional, or modern?

We’ve helped design bathrooms of all shapes and sizes! In this guide, we’ll share some thoughts on the different options for family bathrooms.

Family bathroom designs

Where possible, the perfect family bathroom remains separate from any other bedroom. We have previously written a separate guide sharing several ensuite bathroom ideas.

The family bathroom needs to be as spacious as its confines will allow. For example, so that adults can help their children to get clean, brush their teeth and so on.

It also means that some units work better than others. If two kids are brushing their teeth at the same time, a double sink is the perfect solution.

For the elderly or disabled, a highly accessible family bathroom is vitally important. Here are some disability-friendly bathroom ideas.

Grab rails, handles and non-slip mats are valuable aids, while a wet room design, walk-in shower or bath will also improve safety in the bathroom – more on these shortly.


In today’s fast-paced world, we’re often asked about the practicality of replacing a bath with a shower.

But while it can be hard to make the time for a long, relaxing soak, a bathtub is worth its weight in gold when you have young kids at home!

If there’s enough space, a freestanding bath away from the walls (with taps in the middle) lets two people sit at either end, facing each other, but no problem if this isn’t possible.

A sunken bath is a great choice for children and the safest option. For older family members needing help getting in and out of the bathtub, you can also have a walk-in bath installed.

Walk-in showers

A walk-in shower offers excellent accessibility for a family bathroom and it can fit in with the decor of any style of bathroom wall. They are easier to step into and either have no door or shower curtain.

Shower curtains are a problem – they’re not what you want when trying to get rid of mould in the bathroom long-term.

Walk-in showers are easy to clean, more hygienic and more accessible. Find out more in our full guide that also runs through a typical walk-in shower cost.

With enough space, you can even have a double walk-in shower or one with two heads – as in this gallery showcase example.

This is a great choice for assisted washing. In addition to introducing more space into the bathroom, a walk-in shower also looks less intrusive than an old shower tray or cubicle.

For the safest option, consider a thermostatic shower to avoid scalding children. Check out our guide on the different types of showers.

Wet room bathrooms

In a wet room bathroom, the entire space is designed to be dedicated to washing. You don’t need to worry about splashing or slipping – every surface is designed to get wet, be waterproof and stand the test of time.

Some benefits of wet rooms include accessibility, a sleek appearance, ease of cleaning and greater spaciousness. Here are some wet room ideas to inspire you.

They also tend to be easier to clean. Wet rooms are more open-plan in design when compared to traditional bathrooms and therefore better suited to anyone with mobility issues.

Small family bathroom ideas

No space? No problem! 

  • With a few creative storage solutions, it’s amazing how much stuff you can hide away inside or outside the bathroom, freeing up space for the essentials.
  • Whether it’s a mirror cabinet, drawers under the sink, shelves or other cupboards, try to free up as much room as possible for easy access to the bath or shower.
  • There are also lots of different units available for small bathrooms, such as back-to-wall toilets, that take up less space.
  • If you don’t have room for a shower and a bath, that’s easy. Install a shower head above the bath and put in a screen, so no amount of splashing will soak the bathroom!

For some inspiration, take a look at our guides on small bathroom layouts and shower room ideas.

Final thoughts: Family bathroom ideas (UK)

One last family bathroom design principle – think about heating. The winter months are cold in the UK, so radiators or heated towel rails are a great option.

You could also explore the possibility of installing some underfloor bathroom heating for a particularly cosy family bathroom!

We are Ability Bathe – specialising in wet rooms and walk-in showers for Devon and far beyond.

Ability Bathe’s team are experienced bathroom designers for Devon, Cornwall, and many other locations. For more information or any enquiries, please get in touch.

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