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Ability Bathe | November 24, 2023

12 Shower Room Ideas To Inspire You

12 Shower Room Ideas To Inspire You

Need some shower room ideas? We’re here to help and will also share some small shower room ideas for compact spaces.

When there isn’t enough room for a long bathtub, the more vertical shower is a real space saver. That’s one reason why shower rooms are so popular.

But lots of large bathrooms only feature a shower as well. Technically this makes them a form of shower room too.

Of course, showers are quicker to use and need less water. Whether you have lots of space to play with or just a tiny area, there’s a shower room idea out there, ready to inspire you.

In this guide we share 12 shower room ideas. Also, take a look at our separate article with five wet room ideas for some extra inspiration.

luxury hotel bathroom, shower room ideas

#1 Create a spa-style shower room

Go to a fancy gym or a spa in a luxury hotel and you’ll find an elegant shower room.

You know the type. Large mirrors, white lights, dual sinks, perhaps a monochrome colour scheme… so, why not have the same?

You could even install underfloor bathroom heating – now, truly, you have a luxury 5* hotel experience in your home!

plants in a bathroom, shower room ideas

#2 Replicate an outdoor shower

Or you could go another direction entirely and create a more natural look for the shower room design.

Why not cover the bathroom with plants to pretend you’re showering in your very own private rainforest! With a powerful rain shower head you could even create the feeling of showering under a waterfall.

And there’s an added bonus to this approach. Reportedly, some plants such as English ivy can remove as much as 78% of airborne mould – for more information, here’s how to get rid of bathroom mould.

wooden bathroom, shower room ideas

#3 Go for a rustic shower room

Alternatively you could design a shower room that combines the feeling of inside cosiness and outdoor charm with a rustic look.

Pretend you’re in a woodland cabin with a rustic shower room. Wood panelling around the walls should do the trick.

If using wood, a strong sealant such as varnish or lacquer will help to waterproof your bathroom.

#4 Go bold with the tiles

If a shower room ‘theme’ isn’t your thing, no problem. Just take some time to think about how to decorate it to your tastes.

A great way to do this is with tiles in your favourite colour or with a pattern that you like. Here is our guide on how to tile a bathroom.

#5 Decorate the shower room walls

If you’re only tiling the floor then the other main way to decorate your space is via the bathroom walls.

Mirrors, lights, niches… if there’s room for it on the wall then anything is possible!

#6 Replace the bath with a shower

Now it goes without saying that it’s not really a shower room if there’s a bathtub!

As discussed in our blog on replacing a bath with a shower, doing this creates more space and uses less water.

Plus, it’s quicker and easier to wash in a shower. Arguably, it’s also more accessible and disability-friendly too unless you have a walk-in bathtub.

#7 Choose a walk-in shower

Don’t just choose any shower. Make it a walk-in shower, because they have advantages over traditional ones.

A walk-in shower is more accessible, easier to clean and more hygienic. You don’t need to step up to get into them and there is no shower curtain. 

There are different types of walk-in showers including smart ones, electric ones and digital ones.

#8 Add another walk-in shower!

Who says you can only have one shower in a shower room?

Check out one of our recent gallery showcase wet room conversions with two walk-in showers. This style is very eye-catching.

The double shower enclosure may be a striking choice but importantly, it is twice as practical and efficient.

#9 Create a wet room

A walk-in shower that is not fully enclosed can also function as a modern wet room, where the entire space is a waterproof area for washing and relaxing.

A more open wet room can be more accessible and therefore, a safer form of shower room – the National Accident Helpline has estimated that 26% of all injuries happen in the bathroom.

For more details take a look at our guide on what a wet room is and how to clean the floor.

#10 Install a shower seat

With the shower as a focal point for the room and no bathtub, hopefully there’ll be enough space for some customisation.

Make showering easier and more relaxing by installing a shower seat, for example. You could also put in shower rails and other accessibility aids.

loft bathroom with skylight

#11 Put a shower room in the loft

If you have an attic and need another bathroom but there isn’t much space to play with, the solution is simple.

It’s a small shower room! Adding an extra bathroom can increase the average property value by 4.9%, or £9,600, according to Nationwide Building Society.

And the same study finds that a loft conversion could increase your property’s value by 22% or as much as £42,700! Here are our loft bathroom ideas.

modern bathroom, two sinks, ensuite ideas

#12 Make it an ensuite shower room

Last but not least, there’s time for one more of our small shower room ideas. Let’s finish on ensuite bathrooms.

Sometimes there’s not enough space next to a bedroom for a bathroom with a bathtub, but there is for a shower.

In that case, make it an ensuite shower room. It’s a great option next to a master bedroom or a guest room too.

Final thoughts: Shower room ideas

We hope this article has given you some useful shower room ideas.

If it helps, there are some more pictures of shower rooms in our gallery, with explanations of how we did the design and installations.

Bathroom work such as this requires experts. Here at Ability Bathe Bathrooms we have more than 35 years of experience installing walk-in showers, wet rooms and bathrooms with a 10 year guarantee.

For more information or a no-obligation quote, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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